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It also symbolizes the crown of the Torah – Keter כתר. Yod also represents the idea of Unity within Multiplicity, of one whole that is comprised of parts. Yod as we see is a single point, but its value is 10.

Is aleph the same as Alpha?

Approximately 4,000 years ago the original picture for the letter aleph was the head of an ox. About 3,000 years ago the picture was simplified and around this time the Greeks adopted this alphabet for their own use and the Hebrew aleph became the Greek letter alpha.

The fire we usually see is a by-product of the https://www.beaxy.com/ world; stuff burns and when it burns, we see flame. Flame is ethereal; it’s kind of the least physical aspect of the physical world. We can touch it, we can feel it, you can capture it, you can get too close to it. Usually, that ethereal thing we call fire is a byproduct of something that’s burning. If Moses looks at the bush and sees that the fire is not consuming the bush, and he says, madua lo-yivar hasneh, why isn’t the bush burning? The only answer to that is the bush is not the source of the fire.

Khof Meaning– 19th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

And yet, we remember the time God chose to reach across the darkness, when He broke the rules to give us a miracle to remind us that we’re not alone. Those other holidays, those all happened in the age of prophecy and miracles, when God was so obviously with us; we commemorate and celebrate what they mean to us. We lit the menorah with just a bit of oil, but God made sure the light didn’t go out; it burned and it burned and it burned. Not since the First Temple’s destruction were there miracles like the splitting of the sea, or wars won through boulders from the heavens…


It shows us that many grains of sand are used to make one pot, many pages make up one book, many drops of water make up the ocean. There are many occurrences in the world, but they all stem from One God, perfect and indivisible. It teaches us to distinguish between the good and the bad, and by choosing the good to clean and purify and thereby to do that which is impossible, to erase the bad deed that was done. It contains the principle that nothing is lost, nothing is wasted, and all is eternal.

Introduction to the Letter Yud

They were humble enough to believe that God could and indeed did speak through a scruffy, locust-eating wild man dressed in camel hair. They were humble enough to believe that God could use them to accomplish his will even though they did not always know the right things to say or the right prayers to pray. In our Gospel, Jesus invites the chief priests and elders to practice humility so that they too could enter the kingdom of heaven, along with the humble and penitent tax collectors and prostitutes.

What is the value of aleph?

The numerical value of Aleph is 111 (Aleph + Lamed + Peh: 1 + 30 + 80 = 111). The number 111 contains the trinity; and it is also the constant of the magic square of six. 111 = 1 + 10 +100. Symbolically this means that Aleph combines the divine, the spiritual and the physical world.

Now, as in the past, we – like the Israelites – are developing riches on the earth, in Malkuth. Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei but also with the power of the word that we have to communicate as wisdom, as knowledge to the multitudes. This is how we grasp it and understand the marvelous symbol of the letter Aleph. Ayin sounds in the throat, which for many is difficult to pronounce.

Beith is the first letter of the story of creation, starting the entire Torah/Bible –ברא בראשית. Aleph represents the creation of something from nothing. It is the essential symbol of beginnings and ultimate reality that cannot be talked about, timeless, spaceless, and present everywhere. It is the One that cannot be divided, representing perfection beyond human comprehension. The lessons to be gleaned from the Hebrew letters are vast and wide-ranging; they are baked into every aspect of every letter, hiding in plain sight, if you just know how to look.

philosophy filled the void that prophecy and miracles had left. Rationalism, Hellenism, the idea that the only thing that’s real are the things observable to the human eye – no such thing as spirituality, miracles, burning bushes with Divine source. Possibly the first nature-defying miracle in our history, the burning bush, beautifully portends the last nature-defying miracle in our history, the lights of the Hanukkah candles. This unique guide shows both the yoga enthusiast and the yoga novice how to use hatha yoga postures and techniques to physically connect with Jewish spirituality. I did not know anything about the Hebrew language, so I did a little research. The Hebrew language is written from the right to the left – opposite of the English language.

This means that inside Alef, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, we can see a god (אל) and a mouth (פ or ף). I believe this to be purely a coincidence, but if that’s not the perfect way to summarize the creation story from the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, then I don’t know what is. The root א-ל (Alef-Lamed) also comprises one of the most fundamental words in Hebrew and Jewish vocabulary – the word אֵל which means god.

It represents kindness and cultivation, the organic nurturance that causes things to grow (Hebrew Gamol גמול means nourish until ripe, גמילה – wean child, ripen fruit ). גמול also means giving and the leg of the Ghimel is said to represent the rich man running to give charity to the poor (represented by the 4th letter דלת). It signifies the Creator’s eternal benevolence to all creation, manifested with abundant life and prosperity. Beith is the 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet, signifying the number two.

Embodying the Hebrew Letters for Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

AAAA Aleph, Alif, coming from above into my brain is the first syllable ‘Alllllllll’ of ‘Allah.’ Then I continue singing the second syllable LlllllAAAAH of Allah and pronounce that with my throat Laaaaaaah. So Ayin is here in my throat; thus the light of my body is Allah, the power of my body is Allah. To physically sacrifice the cattle, cows, bulls, is a horrible crime.

sexual transmutation

Just before attacking the superior enemy force, Jonathan, son of King Saul, speaks to his armor bearer and when he does so he says the exact words attributed to Yehuda ha’Maccabee by the Book of the Maccabees. Ein laHashem matzor l’hoshi’a b’rav o bime’at – there’s nothing that holds back G-d from saving, whether with many or with few. So in order to tackle these questions, I want you to try a little thought experiment with me. We, 2,000 years later, don’t think it’s particularly odd that there is a holiday called Hanukkah.


You should not be discouraged but take courage and not let you hands be weak. The upper Yud is the hand of our Father Who is working on our behalf and reaching out to us. The lower Yud is the hand of the Holy Spirit Who is sent to the earth to be our Helper, Comforter, Intercessor, Straightener, Counselor.

As we inhale, we draw inspiration and nourishment from the air and the aleph spiritual meanings. When we exhale, we release that which is no longer needed. Another parallel between TCM and Sefer Yetzirah is that the metal element, like the aleph, is related to the physical organ of the lungs, and therefore to the breath.

By the way, both the root א-ל and the word אֵל as a representation of the idea of force may very possibly have something to do with another strong and powerful animal – the ram. The Hebrew word for ram is אַיִל (A’il) and it was a common symbol of power and idol of worship among many ancient cultures in the region. A very similar connection can also be found between the word עֵז which means goat and the word עָז which means fierce or intense. Before we dive into the subject, let me give you a little background first.

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“Then Noah and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives with him entered the ark because of the water of the flood.” When God said, “Let us create man in our image,” He possibly meant that human beings would have the ability to re-create the world, through their own unique way of expressing appreciation for the wonders of creation. Even every blade of grass is aware of and grateful to God for its life, but only a human being can respond to the call to “sing a new song,” to creatively express his feelings of awe to the Master of the Universe. Indeed one of God’s Names is Arich Apayim, literally meaning “Long Breath” (even though it is usually translated as “patient,” “slow to anger”). By emulating God with deep breathing, we allow the element of air to temper between the excess of water and fire (our out-of-control emotions) and restore balance. Correct breathing maintains our balance and supports our righteous and ethical choices between fire and water.

  • That’s why the first word in the Torah that begins with beit is Breishit, in the beginning – because the very act of creation involves twoness – the Infinite and the finite.
  • In the Jewish experience, Sarei Missim are the very original bad guys in our national history; going all the way back to our very First oppression in the land of Egypt.
  • Thus the word sacrifice means sacred officiation, a sacred work, prayer that we have to perform in Daath with the power of the bull, the throat.

In it is the power of the spirit to govern and guide the matter of the material world. Yod is a symbol of the Holy One, the Creator, since the holy name starts with Yod. According to kabbalistic tradition, all of creation came forth from a single point– a point which represents God’s infinite presence inside of the finite world. It is undifferentiated substance and energy, containing all the possibilities that could come into being. Heith indicates the ability of the human to rise and go beyond nature. It represents the power of choice which is given by the soul, as well as the qualities GALA of charm and grace חן which stem from the soul.

For instance, we breathe now, and we are alive physically, but also the animals, the monkeys are alive by breathing. So what is the difference between the monkey and Adam? That breath that makes one a living soul is not a physical breath, it is spiritual. If you carefully read the second sura of the sacred Koran and interpret it in the right way, you will understand why Mohammed entitled it Al Baqara. If you read AL-BAQARA, you find that the letter A and the letter L of ‘Al’ is Alif, ox. Now, if you take the syllable RA out of BAQARA – which means cow – you see the word BAQA.

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The Vav can teach us the state of constant presence needed to connect our own heaven and earth . Each letter is a symbol, full of many inner meanings, from literal straightforward meaning, to deeper spiritual meaning. Understanding the letters provides essential insight into the deeper meanings of the Torah or the Bible. With these two letters, we can already start building meaningful Hebrew words. Aleph and beit together spell the word “av”, which means “father,” one who creates something separate from himself. The creating of offspring is the essential transition from one to two.

Before creation there was only God – a complete and total oneness. Then He created something besides Himself, introducing multiplicity and finiteness in the universe. That’s why the first word in the Torah that begins with beit is Breishit, in the beginning – because the very act of creation involves twoness – the Infinite and the finite.

It was modified or inserted there in order for people to misunderstand the message of the Master Moses. All of us intellectual animals, intellectual bulls, bullock, because of fornication, are dead to the Spirit. But if we sacrifice the cow, if we work with these mysteries of Mithras, then Allah, God, El, Elohim, Elah, will resurrect us.

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