Learning Series on ADB’s Safeguards and Accountability Mechanism

The Philippine Learning Center for Environment and Social Sustainability (PHILCESS) in collaboration with development partner, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), conducted a 4-session learning series on ADB’s Safeguards and Accountability Mechanism. The sessions ran from November 19 & 24 and December 1 & 7, 2021, held online via Zoom.

The key objective of the learning series is to promote mutual learning by ADB and its project stakeholders. With each session dedicated to a sub-theme in providing an overview of the ADB’s Environmental and Social Safeguard Policy and Accountability Mechanism. All these integrated with videos, quizzes, open discussions, experience sharing, and presentations from subject-matter experts working towards environmental and social safeguards. 

Excerpt from the opening remarks delivered by the Director General for Southeast Asia Department of ADB, Ramesh Subramaniam, “[The] ADB has proposed to have the second set with the Philippine government departments, executing agencies, and civil society not only because ADB is headquartered in Manila, but because of the current portfolio of projects in the Philippines which has so much safeguards content which need careful and concerted management” This in regards to the pilot test conducted in India last year which was also received by professionals EAs and IAs alike. Director General Subramanian also emphasized the Philippines being the only DMC in Southeast Asia with a policy on Indigenous Peoples –placing the country in a better position to share best practices for managing projects with impacts on Indigenous Peoples communities, which may be applied to other ADB member countries.

The learning series was attended by a total of fifty-four (54) participants. The roster of participants was composed of representatives from various government agencies, mostly nominated by their respective units. The registration summary also showed that the majority of participants are currently involved in development projects. 

Participants were also given an account to the PHILCESS Learning Management System where they can access preparatory materials, presentation materials, recording of sessions, case studies, and quizzes & activities. 

The successful event would not be possible without the ADB identifying PHILCESS as its partner to promote strengthening of technical skills through capacity building.

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