International Participants

I have learned and understood more about the E&S Supervision. It is practical for me to apply in my workplace. However, as I am from the Government, my perspective would look forward to the activities to be done from the Government side. As you may know that the training pick up mostly the concept of the WB and ADB which less likely to reflect the Government perspective.
Vong Sathiarany, M.D., MPHC
I am very happy with the training course frankly . I learned a lot during these 4 day trainings from all well experienced presenters and fellow participants from different background and organization. These course even it is short, but it is straightforward and quite relevant to my current work as safeguard person of the bank-financed project. Overall, the training is fantastic and I really enjoyed it and will inform my colleagues if they wish to learn about environmental and social safeguard, Do go to UP PHILCESS! My special thanks [for taking us] to the project site to get more understanding when conducting project supervision.
Sovanratnak SAO
Health Analyst, World Bank Cambodia
Favourite part of the training was site visitation; where we’ve got to see actual and ongoing work on the sites. Also the activities chosen by the host was very wise in terms of my current position back here in my job which really helped me to make better judgement and decisions. The training was just awesome even though it lasts 4 days, I have learned so many new things from this training. I’ve met new people from different countries. The team mates were just open and friendly, the Philippines people were just unspeakable. Love them. Went to the museum was a memorable event for me. Really appreciate the hospitality provided than. Thank you.
Fabiola Atbo (Ms)
Community & Lands – Maritime Waterways Safety Project Papua New Guinea

Local Participants

On Webinar Series: Environmental and Social Management of Construction

1. I have learned different approaches and techniques of integrating environment safeguard into the project or developmental activities. I will be able to use the learnings from my work and the projects that my institution is implementing.

2. The webinar provided a somewhat encompassing and brief overview of what are the things to consider when managing social and environmental impacts during project implementation. The webinar is very applicable in my field of work especially when dealing with contractors and what to look out for when conducting impact assessment for the feasibility study stage.

On Webinar Series: Project Supervision: Environmental and Social Management

1. I had little to zero knowledge in ESMP, especially in social assessment. This training was very valuable in providing a comprehensive overview of ESM, including document preparation, monitoring, GRM etc. I would like to be a part of an ESMP preparer team. The presentations were very helpful, especially their inclusion of sample plans, case studies, and group activities.

2. It was comprehensive and the schedule was well spaced. The speakers were also very engaging and the case studies presented were helpful in illustrating the topics discussed. It gave me a glimpse of how the ESF instruments we are preparing will be used during implementation so I realized that we also need to take that into consideration in preparing these documents to the point of engaging the project managers and supervisors as early as the preparation stage of the instruments.

On Learning Series: ADB’s Safeguards and Accountability Mechanism

1. I joined the training with very low knowledge about ADB’s safeguard policy and Accountability Mechanism. The methodology implemented for the series of sessions was very effective that it encouraged me to really review all the materials and catch up with the discussion. The sessions gave me valuable insights which are very useful if I will be tasked later on to be part of an ADB-funded project.

2. The resource speakers are knowledgeable on the presented topics and were able to discuss the topic thoroughly. They effectively communicate to the participants. The training was helpful to understand the Safeguard and Accountability Mechanism and I feel prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues with the project affected persons. ​